Animal Crossing New Horizons Review

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a balm for the surge of present day life. Much like other ‘cut of life’ games, it causes us to cut out the bedlam of our day by day life, to hurl out any similarity […]

LEGO Hidden Side 2020 Game Review

lego hidden side review cover

As a child, loathsomeness themed anything was in every case too speaking to me – the more unnerving the better – thus I realize that 8-year-old Cameron would go wild for LEGO’s Hidden Side sets. In all honesty, however, present-day […]

Kart Rider Rush+ Game Review

kart rider rush game review

I can’t lie, I am huge fan of Mario Kart Tour. It’s been my favourite mobile game of the moment since it launched back in September, despite its quite obvious flaws. It simply provides most of what you want in […]