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How to use DomiNations Cheats on Android & iOS?

Looking for a game that lets you go back and lead your nation to victory? DomiNations is a perfect game for you in that case. This history-themed strategy game from Big Huge Games and legendary game designer Brian Reynolds is essentially a game of exploration, progression, and conquest. As now available iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices, players get to make history by forging their greatest civilization from the Stone Age to the Space Age. With our DomiNations Hack tool, however, the gamers can actually experience all the fun and fighting game has to offer.

While the game itself is free to download, it is not entirely free to play. Its freemium package has been created in such a way that a user is required to spend real cash on in-app purchases at some point. Therefore, our generator is here so everyone gets an equal chance of enjoying the game’s full potential. Getting free Crownss allow for acquiring the additional content you absolutely need in order to lead your nation to ultimate victor.

Click on the button placed above; provide your username and select the platform you’re currently using. Then, choose the amount of free Crownss you wish to generate and let the generator do its work. In case you find yourself wondering about what amount is optimal to choose from – we suggest you go with the biggest package there is; our generator will do the work regardless. After you do so, you’ll get to the human verification page. Simply, download two free apps on your device and run them for at least 30 seconds each. As soon as that’s completed, go back to your DomiNations account and enjoy the free Crowns!