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How to use Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Cheats on Android & iOS?

Some would say that Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is just another incredible car racing game. If you ask us, we wouldn’t necessary agree. This new digital racing game brings the legendary Hot Wheels catalog to mobile devices. Now available for both iOS and Android, this game lets fans engage with the brand in an exciting new way. It brings something many other racing games do not – the history. Our Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Hack tutorial will upgrade your experience even more. By assisting you in the ultimate smash-and-crash speed competition, you’ll quickly realize you didn’t waste your time here.

Launched by Mattel, this mobile racing game will task the players with assembling a collection of vehicles and racing against people from all around the world. While the game’s tracks are set in some real-world locations, they’ve been updated with orange Hot Wheels track pieces. Those enable players to knock each other into obstacles and off the track or even run straight through them to get ahead. Ultimately, your job is to collect and upgrade a variety of virtual cars from the Hot Wheels toy line. That includes such legendary cards like Twin Mill, Rodger Dodger, Bone Shaker, and others.

It’s important to know that while Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is a free-to-play, it is heavy with in-game ads and promotions. It will force you to spend the money on additional content, and it certainly becomes a lot over time. Look at what happens after you complete certain event; you receive mystery chests that contain a variety of in-game goodies. Those eventually let you unlock additional vehicles, but the process of that takes legit time to open. Instead of waiting, many players choose to speed the process up by using premium currency such as Chromers is.

As this currency is tough to gather, you end up purchasing it with your own money. Now, what if you don’t have enough funds, or simply don’t want to spend them this way? For this particular reason, we decided to create a tool, which allows everyone to enjoy game resources equally. We believe that you, and other game lovers, deserve to get a full experience no matter what. If you feel like we’re all on the same page, go ahead and try out our hack down below. Keep in mind that our generator is very straight-forward and it won’t take much of your time!